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What does “simultaneous contrast” mean?

What does “simultaneous contrast” mean?

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Simultaneous contrast is a term used to describe a visual phenomenon. The mind makes judgments from the information provided by the eyes, so it’s imperative to learn to see with sensitivity.

Simply put, simultaneous contrast teaches us that everything is affected by its opposite. I’m fairly tall (6’3”) and in most situations I appear tall, but if I’m on a bus with professional basketball players, I appear short. I didn’t change, but my context did. When we paint, areas of shadow and light get us into trouble because we attach black and white to them. But look at the scale of value relationships, and you’ll see that what appears to be a highlight in one area becomes a shadow in another. It didn’t change, but its relationship did.

Simultaneous contrast also applies to color relationships. A color might appear cool in one setting and then warm in another due to the relationship it shares with the adjacent colors. This is why the choices we make when painting have ramifications. It’s all about relationships.

“Simultaneous contrast is not just a curious optical phenomenon; it is the very heart of painting.”–Josef Albers (German artist/educator; 1888-1976)

In this value scale, representing black to white with a middle value running through the middle, notice how each side of the individual values change; the middle value strip looks darker or lighter depending on its relationship to the other values.

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