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Fast and Fun Landscape Painting

Fast and Fun Landscape Painting

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Paint Landscapes in Acrylic
by Lee Hammond

A summer sunset, a bubbling brook, a sea of golden wildflowers … like nature itself, landscape painting doesn’t have to be complicated to be beautiful. In this beginner-friendly guide, Paint Landscapes in Acrylic, Lee Hammond shows you how to use a handful of colors, a simple three-step approach, and the friendly medium of acrylic to create charming landscapes throughout the seasons. Lee helps you get started with

• Step-by-step instructions for painting favorite landscape elements—skies, trees, grasses, mountains, water and more—provide endless mix-and-match possibilities.
• 16 paint-along landscape projects can be completed quickly, using no more than 8 colors each.
• Basic brushwork techniques, easy-to-learn painting methods, and lots of step-by-step instruction get beginners painting fast.

One of the most popular art instruction authors out there with 20+ years of experience, Lee Hammond shares tried-and-true secrets for achieving a sense of distance, evoking mood, painting realistic textures, and much more…everything you need to turn any moment in nature into a personal work of art.

Click here for a FREE demo on how to paint this Red Autumn Tree from Paint Landscapes in Acrylic with Lee Hammond.

About Lee
A professional artist and instructor for more than thirty years, Lee Hammond has authored more than twenty North Light Books including How to Draw Lifelike Portraits from Photographs, Lifelike Drawing With Lee Hammond and Paint Realistic Animals in Acrylic With Lee Hammond. She conducts drawing and painting seminars, gives school lectures and mentors nationwide. A certified police composite artist on call for the Kansas City metro area, she has also worked with America’s Most Wanted, been a contributing writer for Magazine and was licensed with many of NASCAR’s racing teams to produce art and prints. Visit her website at

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