Acrylic Painting Demonstration by Sandrine Pelissier

Acrylic Painting Demonstration by Sandrine Pelissier

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Acrylic artist Sandrine Pelissier shares a step-by-step for Acrylic Artist and artistsnetwork.com readers. My painting process will often consist of trying to make a figurative scene emerge from the randomness of an abstract background.”

The winter 2015 issue of Acrylic Artist features 11 additional paintings by Pelissier as well as a Step-by-Step demonstration. Get the issue at NorthLightShop.com and read the feature-length article and see more of her work that finds form in chaos.

I asked my daughters to pose for me in the studio on an armchair because I wanted to make two similar paintings that would mix graphite and paint and would include lots of bright patterning. Juxtaposing areas of drawing and painting is something that I do often in my paintings. I like the contrast and energy it brings to the images. Before I began to paint, I worked on a few sketches with colored pencils to see how the idea could apply to both paintings. Each painting has some parts that are drawn and some parts that are painted. I tried on different patterns and different color schemes on those sketches.

Supplies: • HB, 4B and 6B pencils • Paper tortillions and cheese cloth • Krylon workable fixative • Opus Essential Fluid Acrylic Colours • Liquitex Soluvar varnish • Masquepen (masking fluid pen)

When everything had time to dry, I varnish the painting with Liquitex Soluvar varnish, laying the painting horizontally on a table.

Watch the video: Preview. Painting Flowers from Imagination with Sandrine Pelissier (August 2022).